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Linear module application _ multi-axis manipulator linear slide manual _ steel straight custom

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
For planetary gear reducer, the gear is more important and weak parts, some enterprises to improve the work efficiency for planetary reducer high load work for a long time, and the gear load is increasing, so that the higher failure rate of equipment, in order to meet the needs of various enterprises, today will give you about some of the lifting equipment load and performance method.

1. Gear change

modify described modification is to modify tooth profile and tooth root end heavy drive gear in a better way to improve performance, for heavy-duty gear, gear tooth modification is usually because of dislocation tooth end to prevent overload.

2. Adjust the displacement coefficient

if correct displacement coefficient, gear bearing capacity can be increased by 20% ~ 30%.

3. Control precision and error of

level not only with the precision of the gear tooth surface strength, but also on the absolute value of the pitch error. If the pitch error is bigger, the rolling pressure applied to the gear tooth is big also.

4. Increase tooth width

when the outer diameter of planetary gear reducer is constant, increase the width, internal gear can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the gear.

5. Increasing, gear coupling of gear tooth profile Angle of

planetary reducer outer diameter unchanged, need to increase the bearing capacity, increase gear modulus, appropriately reducing gear teeth can be satisfied.

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