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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Before any product or new product in the market must be designed and tested. After buying the product or the new product, we will see what it updated, it have any practical function. This is also the cause of the products from design to market and as a result, we choose it because it meets our requirements.

I believe many people have bought the latest apple model. This time, apple's new products are according to the state introduced a double card double stay mode. The function of the double card double stay is also a design feature of new apple products, so the design must be suitable for this market the characteristics of function.

the same linear modules such as mechanical products is no exception. Linear module according to the market demand and the actual situation, there are two different types of structures. Is a kind of synchronous belt, the other is a spiral. Can say, the great changes have taken place in the structure of the drive way, screw type linear module is more popular in the market now. Below will tell you spiral linear module design characteristics.

screw is linear module for high precision, high load, high utilization rate of enterprise and design and selection. Linear module design characteristics of the screw is to use this feature to meet these requirements of the enterprise. At the beginning of the design, these requirements seems to be related to the operation of the linear module. Therefore, the design engineer in part drive structure adopted in the design of spiral transmission. Screw is made from pure metal, has the characteristics of high precision and strong wear resistance, high load. After is placed into a linear module, this feature is also given linear module.

as a result, the linear gear coupling design characteristics of the screw is high precision, high load and high wear resistance. These features also makes the spiral linear module was welcomed by customers in the market.
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