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Linear module using the principle of linear sliding table _ _ multi-axis manipulator steel linear slide unit parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
Linear gear coupling for what are the problems need to pay attention to, the following detailed explain for everybody:

linear module, also known as linear gear coupling or positioning module. It is on the industry performs the General name of linear motion of the mechanical parts, are widely used in production line of handling, take put large goods, package of the whole column and instant work part of the group. Many people do not know what are the considerations linear slide unit,

1. Storage and installation time

store high quality linear slide unit, should be flat and properly packed, to prevent exposure to high and low temperature and damp environment. The fall or collision handling should be avoided. Installation process should be locked to avoid displacement due to vibration.

in addition, when installing a coupling and planetary gear motor, should choose the right way, at the same time pay attention to lock screw fixation after on the shaft centerline. Remember to forcibly installed or disassembled and modified linear slide units, lest enter foreign matter or make goods damage, caused by the dysfunction or security failures.

2. Operation when using the

in the operation, should follow the directory records the highest rated conditions such as speed, load, etc. , so as not to cause the function is not normal or safety accident. Dust, such as chip foreign invasion of dispute should prevent ball within the circulatory system and cause damage, use fixed number of year to cut or dysfunction and a series of trouble.

if you need in the special environment such as the strong vibration, vacuum chamber, clean room, corrosive chemicals, organic solvents or agents, extreme high or low temperatures, wet splash water, oil, oil mist, when used in high salt and heavy load, should first confirm that the application of the linear slide unit state.

3. Maintenance when

fill lubricating oil should be taken before first use, and pay attention to the types of oil products, bear in mind that different lubricating oil can not mix. Under normal use, the proposal should be regularly check the workings of the a, cleaning product pollution and add lubricating oil to slide and screw.

the above linear gear coupling is put in storage, installation, operation and maintenance and so on some matters needing attention. Only mastered the matters needing attention of linear sliding table carefully, to correct, safe and maximize the use of its application.
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