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Linear motor manufacturer which good _ _ linear motor linear electric module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Linear motor is a converts electrical energy into linear motion of a electric drill speed reducer, in the current industrial environment with the use of demand. Chairman especially in the recent acquisition of driving, intelligent automation reform as a driving intelligent change accessories linear motor has a particularly important role.

believe that familiar with the insiders of the linear motor, most of them know the linear motor belongs to an updated version of linear gear coupling, its overall performance, whether from the speed and accuracy are greatly superior to the linear module. But because the price factors, the linear motor in the small and medium-sized enterprises in the market has become much smaller.

and linear motor was superior to the principle of linear gear coupling mainly depends on its way, everyone knows that exercise for cutting the magnetic induction line can produce electricity, electricity also produces kinetic energy. In accord with the law of conservation of energy, the linear planetary gear motor even make use of this principle in the absence of friction produce objects, cutting of the magnetic fields of sports, allow it to increase stability and speed of the very effective.

to know so much about the principle of linear planetary gear motor and importance of knowledge, today small make up on the characteristics of the system design of linear planetary gear motor and you about!

system design characteristics of linear motor, it is the main use of the effect of the stator, the stator was laid in the poles along the direction of an oblique groove position, its aim is to reduce the cogging attractive to reduce. By a mobile coil and a fixed set of stator track composition, module of the length of the stator group through both ends connect, form the stroke length, through docking, schedule to achieve unlimited extend. The electric motor is composed of three phase with iron core coil, coil and iron core is encapsulated within the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin.

the above is a brief introduction system design characteristics of linear motor, the hope can help to you.
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