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Linear slide device how _ _ rectangular triaxial manipulator cross linear sliding table design

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
Enterprises to choose a product must correspond to the above all is his demand, meet the demand of the enterprise will choose to consider whether to place an order. “ To meet the requirements & throughout; Is the enterprise choose, and a lot of products they have different styles and models, seems to be some design can meet the demand of enterprises, and enterprises to choose depends on the design of this product more get the favour of enterprise and enjoy!

linear gear coupling is has the property of the selected and favor, familiar with linear linear gear coupling module friends should know about four kinds of style, but strictly speaking, that is, if only from the internal structure design for linear module, it is only two kinds of styles. Here believe that everyone should be guessed, is screw type design and synchronous belt type style.

in the practical application of the design of screw type seems to be more than the design of synchronous belt type, screw type style linear gear coupling why enterprises will like? Below small make up and simply analyze the guys!

to understand why screw type linear module design enterprise will like? First we must know its characteristic, the general feature of screw type style is high precision, high load and durability, from the three points into action (this is why companies like linear module of the screw type reason! ! ! !

the majority of domestic machinery factory, most of the demand will be high quality and careful, the characteristics of high precision has become their first choice. And high output seems to have been a normal domestic factory, in the face of high yield load characteristics of high strength can be a good face.

the characteristics of linear module type screw durability, needless to say, durability is popular for reflected in linear module as well as the ability to adapt, life in the fast pace of production environment durability must be one of the reasons that most of the enterprises to choose it!
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