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Linear slide guide module application _xy sliding table module specification _ linear motion module customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Straight line module, how to prevent damage of bearing? Linear module belong to precision instruments, composition of its bearing is the precision, so when use should quite carefully, if use undeserved or improper protection, so it is easy to cause linear module damage, so how do you prevent damage of linear module of bearings?

1. Keep linear gear coupling bearings and the surrounding environment clean. Even invisible to the naked eye of dust into the bearings, also can make the bearing wear, to put it bluntly, let no sand in bearing;

2. In use process should be reasonable installation of electrical current, avoid current directly through the linear bearing, lead to electrical erosion, the bearing is burnt out;

3. To prevent rusting of the bearings, far from them. Linear gear coupling of the bearing is made of stainless steel, contact with water can lead to erosion and rust bearing components.

so straight line module most bearing damage can be avoided or the protection, the hope can help you.

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