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Linear slide guide module brand _xy sliding module devices linear module principle of sliding table _ synchronous belt

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
How to install the rectangular coordinate manipulator? Summarizes some recent about clients often ask us to the question, I know some people in our customer service there often ask questions, to answer to you.

rectangular coordinate manipulator is able to achieve automatic control in industrial applications, can repeat programming, multi-functional, more degrees of freedom, into space right Angle relationship between the degrees of freedom of movement, multi-purpose manipulator. He can carry objects, operating tools to complete all assignments.

rectangular coordinate manipulator is also known as multiple axis gear coupling, because it is through multiple linear gear coupling of a kind of more functions can be completed, a kind of manipulator. And its application is very extensive, it can complete action than four axis robot, six axis robot. And its price is cheaper than robots, so rectangular coordinate manipulator is also now a lot of customers choose products.

and buy a lot of customers in the rectangular coordinate manipulator, don't know how to install. The interpretation of the face small make up to simple to everyone!

1. Must be removed before installation on the surface of the machinery installation burrs, dirt and surface scars.

2. Will be placed gently on the bed, the main rail with lateral fixed screw or other fixed fixture make face gently joint and lateral line rail installation.

3. From the central to both sides in order to track positioning screw tied up tight. Is the rail and mounting surface fit slightly. Order by slides in the middle to both ends slightly tighten can get relatively stable precision. Coordinate manipulator datum after slightly tighten, strengthen the forced slide rail lateral datum tight force, the main rail can accurately fit datum.

4. Use the torque wrench, in accordance with the platform material selection will slide rail positioning screw locking torque to tighten slowly.

5. Vice rail installed to use the same way, and the individual installation slide on to the rail.

6. Gently put the mobile platform and deputy to the main rail rail sliding seat.

7. Forced lock mobile platform to the upper screw, after the installation location for locking fixation in the following order.

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