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Linear slide guide module company _xy sliding table module use _ synchronous sliding table with linear module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear module cross combination, what are the advantages and use it? Summarizes some recent about clients often ask us to the question, I know some people in our customer service there often ask questions, to answer to you.

in the field of industrial automation of linear module believed not too strange, linear module on automation machinery and equipment of this important role. A lot of people say that the linear module application scope is limited, can't do some specific actions. I think these people may be don't know the linear module of multi-axis combination can solve those problems for us.

linear module of multi-axis structures, there are a lot of, but can solve a problem for us is also very considerable. Some users choose to buy more than a shutdown robots or six axis robot to complete this action, the costs and benefits but not greatly. And linear gear coupling of multi-axis combination, just solved this problem. Today, small make up to you to know about your current clients, linear gear coupling cross combination, what are the advantages and use it?

cross combination is superior to single axis linear module module, a lot of, can be fast moving and slow motion, high precision, high quality, high efficiency of superior performance, has now become a mechanical processing industry is an important machine tool accessories, the cross combination of linear module and quickly, and the use of ball screw and wire rail for high precision boring machine jets, fixed installed workbench two adjustable milling head the workpiece on the workbench, can greatly improve the work efficiency, linear module cross combinations also with high cost performance advantage in the masses of customers set up the good word of mouth!

linear module cross combination has been widely used in PC, LCD, PCB, LED, PDP, biotechnology, semiconductors, photoelectric, food, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, machine tools, electric power, electronics, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries related industry production equipment, and won the general customers the consistent high praise.

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