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Linear slide guide module design _xy _ sliding table module precision synchronous belt linear module sliding table size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear fault diagnosis module, motor noise, according to the linear module of motor driven equipment type, purpose, rotational speed and linear gear coupling, motor frame size etc. Linear module of the motor noise is electromagnetic noise, mechanical vibration, noise and ventilation noise three categories, generally available to the following methods of identifying the noise fault categories:

electromagnetic noise will increase with the increase of applied voltage and load. Linear module of motor starting, the significant increase in noise, the planetary gear motor idling in linear module, the noise will disappear immediately; Mechanical vibration noise and ventilation noise but has nothing to do with applied voltage and load current, and related to the speed of high and low.

by asymmetric three-phase winding of the stator or interturn short circuit fault caused by the electromagnetic noise leads to the imbalance of three phase current; Break the cage rotor cage or wound rotor type three-phase winding asymmetry caused by the failure, will lead to the fluctuation of the stator current and produce periodic vibration.

electromagnetic noise and mechanical vibration noise, ventilation, noise is relatively stable. Motors such as linear module mainly ventilation noise, noise near the inlet and outlet and the fan noise is better than other parts.

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