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Linear slide guide module factory _xy sliding table module _ linear motion module price quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear modules are very popular in the field of industrial automation, and widely used for industrial automation line module might add muscle is their, so very treasure, and more selective in choosing, because choose linear module relationship with the working efficiency of the whole industry chain, so, we in the choice must meet the following conditions:

1. Guidance precision and linear module and the thermal deformation of bearing parts, etc. Guidance accuracy refers to motion artifacts when moving along the guide rail guide face its trajectory accurately.

2. Accuracy of sustainability: refers to keep original geometric accuracy in the process of work ability. The precision of the linear gear coupling sustainability dimension stability mainly depends on the guide rail wear resistance.

3. Sensitivity and positioning precision linear guide motion sensitivity refers to motion artifacts to achieve the minimum travel, positioning accuracy refers to motion artifacts will be effected according to the require the ability to stop at the specified position.

4. Vibration resistance and stability: stability refers to the operation conditions do not appear in a given the performance of the self-excited vibration; And vibration resistance is linear module pair accept forced vibration and shocks.

5. Stiffness is of extreme importance to precision machinery and instrument. Linear deformation module including guide body deformation guide contact deformation and so on, guide rail stress deformation resistance is poor. The relative position between the deformation will affect the components and guidance accuracy.

6. Running smoothness good linear module running smoothness is guide rail not appear when trace move in slow motion or the performance of the crawling phenomenon.

to choose a good linear gear coupling, for your industry efficiency increase many, on the contrary, because the price reason to choose the line module quality is bad, so that the whole work efficiency is slow.

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