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Linear slide guide module handbook _xy sliding table module which good linear module slider mute _ synchronous belt

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear module in the application of life can be said to be everywhere, especially in metal processing industries. Small to pan, knife and small screws, big to planes, cars and all kinds of large processing machinery. , of course, these are credited to the linear module is practical, on these mechanical equipment used in the metal processing industry machinery can say cannot leave linear module in the regulation of which play a key role.

linear module is also called small robots, uniaxial mechanical and electric sliding table, precise sliding table, convenient maintenance, high reliability, simple instruction system, programming is simple to learn, easy to master, small size, less maintenance, site interface installation is convenient wait for a series of advantages.

linear modules in metal processing, high temperature, heavy work environment tend to give workers a lot of body load, even some work is very easy to bring harm to workers, such as electroplating. From casting to welding, from forging to cutting, from unloading expect install, linear module can replace manual operations, to ensure the economic benefits of production and competitive at the same time, reduce the staff hard work.

today, progress day by day in the metal processing industry, higher consumption efficiency, higher quality and economic benefit is the pursuit and requirement of each enterprise. The sensitive use of linear module can ensure that you have been in this business first step. Linear gear coupling of secondary task scope including drilling, milling and cutting and bending and punching, etc. It also can extend the welding processing process, equipment, loading and unloading material consumption task cycle and progress. Even in the casting category, equipped with the common casting equipped with linear module also shows its special power, it has long using life, low temperature resistant, waterproof and prevent the disadvantages such as dust. Linear module, this can also be independently appearance detection testing tasks, such as for efficient quality management made great dedication.

At the same time, as the recent research of Zhenyu shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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