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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
From intelligent manufacturing open, we won't be too strange of linear motor, the following is to follow our nakagawa automation engineer, reveal its process characteristics, can bring about much benefit, how much the role of sex? Witnessing the miracle moment together!

high-energy permanent magnet linear motor is a kind of through the use of high torque generated by the direct drive load without any transfer institutions ( Such as gearbox or belt) The motor. Engineers, explains its characteristics has four characteristics:

1. Compact structure

linear motor without the use of belt transmission parts, such as driving, on the basis of the planetary gear motor directly connected to the load, to avoid the problem of waste of space, is advantageous to realize the miniaturization of device, light, to improve the overall equipment of plasticity.

2. Reliability of

linear motor without the use of reducer transmission parts, such as driving, on the basis of the motor directly connected to the load can be to avoid the problem of the precision of gear wear cause such as volatility, actualizing the device of the motors, high-end, provide equipment the precision of the whole.

linear motor does not use the ratchet, CAM intermittent movement components, such as a direct link to the motor load method to adjust load rotational position, can avoid blocking the inaccurate positioning of problems caused by the loss of the moving parts, conducive to the zhang dividing operation, swing, continuous operation, improve the diversity of equipment as a whole.

3. Quickly locate

linear motor without any timing components, plus in operation, a new type of servo planetary gear motor configuration algorithm can avoid the accumulation of response time, advantageous to realize the rapid response, rapid positioning of equipment, improve equipment production efficiency as a whole.

4. Long-term maintenance free

linear motor driving part, does not use any transition, on the basis of the motor directly connected to the load can be avoid transmission device, the internal loss of actualizing the device of low loss, free maintenance for a long time, improve the service life of the equipment as a whole.

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