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Linear slide guide module parameters _xy _ synchronous belt linear slide unit module specification module sliding table quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
With the speeding up of domestic industrial automation, straight line module has become the field of automation & other; A household name & throughout; Star products, because of its low cost, convenient installation, simple operation, high positioning accuracy, the advantages of heavy load high speed, makes it the most preferred product in the process of automation.

the maintenance

1. External cleaning

keep the equipment clean and tidy, with serious dirt, please use soft cloth to dab a few neutral detergent or alcohol, wipe gently. Keep equipment surrounding environment clean and tidy. Suggest thoroughly clean once a week, or work environment to determine the frequency of cleaning.

 2. Internal cleaning and lubrication need

module is the main internal nursing guide and maintenance of a ball screw, because the guide rail and ball screw transmission speed and accuracy of decision gear coupling directly, is in the device can replace the expensive mechanical parts. Effective maintenance not only ensure the precision and speed, and can prolong the service life of equipment. According to the different conditions of use and the environment, general case suggested that each run 50 km distance or add grease (once a week When using a relatively harsh environment should be appropriately increased number of cleaning and lubrication) 。

straight line module 6 main component analysis:

1. Photoelectric switch - - - - - - - Also known as the photoelectric sensor, photoelectric sensor to realize the precise positioning of straight line module work.

 2. Diaphragm coupling - - - - - - - Can well satisfy the motor in high speed wire and rod between an energy transfer, also can compensate the radial, angular and axial misalignment.

 3. Lu: xingcai & ndash; — Sliding table good appearance, reasonable design, good rigidity, stable performance, heat is not easy to deformation, can very good guarantee overall product positioning accuracy under the running condition.

 4. The planetary gear motor - - - - - - - to linear gear coupling running for high speed, high precision, high stability, usually configuration planetary gear motor as servo motor, stepping motor, also can be configured or three-phase asynchronous motor of ac/dc motor.

 5. Ball screw - - - - - - - To achieve mutual conversion rotary motion and linear motion. Ball nut with ball screw realize perfect conjunction, small friction coefficient, between the motor spins that rotate through the ball screw with thread to achieve rotation movement into linear motion.

 6. Linear guide - - - - - - - Also known as linear guide, linear slide rail, linear slide rail, support and guide the moving parts ( Ball slider) Realize the directional linear reciprocating motion.

for linear module of high rigidity, between rail and ball bearing small friction coefficient, so can be achieved under the condition of high load and high precision high-speed linear reciprocating motion.

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