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Linear slide guide module price _xy sliding table module handbook _ linear module slide speed synchronous belt

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear module should be how to clean? Summarizes some recent about clients often ask us to the question, I know some people in our customer service there often ask questions, to answer to you.

when we buy any mechanical products or use the product, we have to do to clean this thing. And when our products have been applied to the production workshop in bulk, the larger production company this problem becomes especially important. They have in the big company production workshop production system, as well as to the workshop very strict 5 s management system, to see clean is especially important.

a mechanical products on a regular basis to clean it, in the process of long-term use, mechanical products of the above dust stains will also affect the normal use of our work, and the service life of an effective control. In we use linear gear coupling is also such, recently is very many customers have consulting the problem: linear module should be how to clean? Below small make up the Zhenyu technology project information, their answers so! ! !

1. To find out the source of the stain

before dealing with problems, we need to know where the problem is, take it, for instance, we want to know what are these stains, at work in the workshop, inevitably there will be a thing is dust, when the air is full of dust, would have a threat of linear gear coupling, because once the dust falls, will form the stain. So, a large proportion of the besmirch above are from floating dust in the air.

2. Cleaning method

clean method is very simple, we just need to prepare a piece of cotton cloth, the cotton is soft and better, because it belongs to the precision instrument, so use some other clean things will deal damage to it, and cotton cloth won't, if afraid of cotton in the process of cleaning will damage to the equipment, we can apply some lubricant, after wiping to reduce resistance, will not affect the use of the company di linear module.

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