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Linear slide guide module principle of linear motor module design _ _ linear motion module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Speed demand due to the speed of the straight line module general under the condition of normal use will be less than the theoretical value, this is because its speed is mainly affected by the sliding table module load on the weight, so it is important to note that when the selection according to the load factor to choose the choice of running speed. But each type of linear modules due to the use of different so the demand for the movement precision is different also, at the same time, if in the process of production speed, precision would also be affected.

effective travel demand linear module of effective travel demand refers to the device from one end of the movement to the other end of the interval needs how long. The above four aspects is a straight line module selection should pay attention to consider several major parameters. Besides, we must give full consideration to these parameters, in order to ensure that equipment in use of stable performance and high quality, before the choose and buy is going to do a full market research, understand the linear gear coupling to find out which good to choose and to the best quality equipment.

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