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Linear slide guide module selection _xy sliding table module to adjust linear module slider stroke _ synchronous belt

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Choose a linear module we have a lot of place to consider, and we choose a suitable linear module is not easy. In our choice of a linear module, our priority factor is who?

1. Linear gear coupling preferred performance rather than price: meet the design requirements should be users consider the goal of the first, and then find the proper suppliers to obtain a relatively low price is the right direction. Mechanical products especially the parts industry very few profits, in addition to the high-end brand if you ignore the channel factors basic can think price high quality.

2. Linear module choice product type instead of brand: as a user, proud to be loyal to a brand's stupid, appropriate occasion at the appropriate time it is necessary to choose different brands of products. Nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, quality of the two models. But no, why? Because of the high combination of original and slider mounting holes is different.

3. Linear module preferred standard model rather than a particular model: each manufacturer samples under the same product listed many specifications, but in fact most likely do not produce or coordination &liaision instead is very long, so not necessary not to choose unconventional specifications, in order to avoid in order, delivery time, maintenance.

4. Linear module preferred the brand's continued availability rather than the single specification or a single order: don't take any discount of manufacturer, guide rail is not soy sauce, brewing and blending of cost difference.

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