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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
Synchronous motor speed regulation is mainly for motor speed control, generally use the frequency converter control more accurate to join the control the speed of the motor are accurate. Synchronous motor through mechanical control accurate relative progress, and will be a bit bigger, say to 100 revolutions per minute, precision machine after use to shrink to a minimum, about 100 - Around 104. But no progress about living in 100 - after the inverter control Between 120 and unstable, and so on into the quasi operations when the use of frequency converter is necessary.

synchronous planetary gear motor speed is determined by the supply frequency, therefore when the adjustment speed is mainly to change the power supply frequency. The inverter is an essential part of synchronous motor's speed.

asynchronous planetary gear motor adjustment in small scale and in a relatively constant torque, can use electromagnetic speed adjustment, change the voltage to change speed, and frequency converter will be used if a wide range of adjustment.

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