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Linear slide guide module specification _xy sliding table module size _ linear motion module suppliers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear gear coupling, how to choose appropriate execution planetary gear motor after purchase? Recently, summarizes some questions about clients often ask us to I know some people in our customer service there often ask questions, to answer to you.

when we buy a product would often consider the choice of his products, it is to let we increased the difficulty of the choice. If there is a choice dyslexia users, even mad. Think we often buy a computer, if we only bought him a brand alone host, so he some related video card or driver again we need to consider, the choice of some host might not all be support, but when we consider the use of the computer as we also want to consider whether we choose graphics can be biased towards business or to entertainment, this is all we have to consider.

also in we buy linear module also is such, recently had a customer will often asked such a question. After buying a linear gear coupling is equipped with servo motor or stepper motor? Is first of all, we still want to know the major difference between the servo motor and stepper motor, servo motor rotor within the permanent magnets, drive control of U/V/W three-phase electric form of electromagnetic field, under the action of rotating rotor in this field, at the same time, motor with encoder feedback signal to drive. servo motor is also called the implementation, in the automatic control system, is used as actuators, converts the received electrical signal into angular displacement or velocity of motor shaft output.

so to understand the difference between the two and how should we choose? Servo motor control precision due to the stepper motor, stepper motor is generally not have overload ability. Ac servo motor has a strong ability of overload. Stepper motor at low speed is easy to appear low frequency vibration phenomenon, and ac servo motor running smoothly, even in the low speed also won't appear when the vibration phenomenon. Stepper motor control for the open loop control, start frequency is too high or too much load step easy appear lost or blocked, flow for closed-loop control, servo drive system can directly drive the planetary gear motor encoder feedback signal sampling, internal position loop and speed loop, general won't appear step motor lose step or overshoot phenomenon, more reliable control performance.

the place on put together is narrated, ac servo system in many performance is better than the stepping motor. But in some demand is not high, considering the overall cost calculation of occasions often use stepper motor for motor execution. Stepping motor servo motor is in some ways, though less in the linear module working effect, but it is confined to the high requirements of working environment, if from cost to consider steps to come in to do perform motor also is right choice, and while a servo motor performance is superior, but the price will be high.

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