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Linear slide guide module speed _xy sliding table module mute _ linear motion module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
In an essentially related to the health care industry, the technology must be used to provide high performance, and to ensure that users, patients and medical staff's positive experience. Mechanical parts can bring different effect.

the first, the machine's performance level must be accurate and stable in order to ensure reliable results, the machine must be strong to withstand the heavy load, must be compact to allow for multiple components are being installed in a closed space.

second, health level: environment and equipment must always be clean, and frequent cleaning and detergent can lead to mechanical parts of premature wear and tear, affect their life and work.

linear gear coupling and the linear unit is suitable for various medical applications, its scope includes medical technology platform ( Such as operating room bed, dental chair) And diagnosis system ( X-ray machines, MRI and CT scanners) , the operating room and laboratory processing liquid of robot, and drug warehouse automation.

linear gear coupling is mainly used in medical field: sickbed of linear motion in the operating room, in the diagnosis system of the linear motion, linear motion of the robot in the laboratory, linear motion in the dental chair.

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