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Linear slide guide module suppliers _xy sliding table module selection _ synchronous belt linear module sliding table which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear module of virtual design and simulation system is composed of two parts, then you know the characteristics of the virtual design of the linear module?

naming standards. The design of the virtual product requires a lot of the participation of professionals. This article mentioned picking linear module of virtual design, component in the virtual product modeling and simulation of attribute named need consistent, specification. In this paper, the naming rules adopted by the standard from the point of view of mechanical design and software design of the comprehensive consideration, linear module provides different parts of the same or similar size, function, material of parts in the naming rules in effect at the time of program design.

attributes parameterized linear module, convenient linear module design each link of property management, and design the rapidness. When the user to modify a certain components or design optimization, only need to modify the corresponding characteristic parameters. System by vc + + and Solidwork real-time communication to modify and update the design. For example, for a certain part of the linear gear coupling, modified through the procedures of the human-computer interaction interface design, modify parts CAD drawings and modified by proofreading and then deposited in the database.

design knowledge reuse. By the user to modify the recombination of knowledge or part, design is able to generate new knowledge or new components. Linear gear coupling of virtual design characteristics and linear module function, to improve the work efficiency of the linear module.

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