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Linear slide guide module using _xy sliding table module principle _ linear motion module parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
Zhenyu linear module has been through the test of the multi-channel working procedure to allow the factory, today give you reveal the linear module need to do inspection before delivery.

1. Stability:

that is in the case of the movement stability, linear module will not happen any self-excited vibration, so as to improve the precision of the work.

2. Earthquake-resistance

earthquake resistance is in under the action of external force, its control ability for processing products.

3. Stiffness

stiffness for similar to the linear module, this kind of precision instrument is very important, if the instrument is not strong, the stiffness of a force or their working pressure instrument of deformation occurs, thus greatly affect the work precision. And the stronger rigidity, can stop the deformation, increase the accuracy.

4. Precision continued ability to

the so-called accuracy ability continuously, is under the high repetitive motion, keep machines in high precision. So wear-resisting performance is sustained ability test precision parts is an important standard.

5. Walk a precision and sensitivity

go a precision is refers to the gear coupling in the moving parts can be parked in the requirement to place as well. Sensitivity refers to the minimum distance moving parts can be run. Their performance is measured module is an important measure of quality.

6. Guidance accuracy

the guidance precision is refers to motion artifacts when moving along the guide rail guide surface precision of the trajectory.

7. Running smoothness

movement stability refers to the movement components during low speed running won't appear any crawl phenomenon.

8. Mechanical and electrical performance

excellent mechanical and electrical performance of the need to users according to their own needs to more specific deployment and use of the environment.

only after the testing process of qualified, linear gear coupling can be allowed to the factory, we have a strict standard of the factory.

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