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Linear slide guide module which good _xy sliding table module _ linear motion module company

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear module and straight module, linear slide unit, etc. , used for manipulator up-down material, cutting equipment, SMT equipment and other industries. Can make the light load automation more flexible and more precise positioning. The generation of the linear module brings us much convenience.

linear module, this can bring convenience to the industry's equipment: monomer movement speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, body weight, the space is little, long service life of equipment. Now the linear module has been expanding the scope of use, to the world.

using linear moving characteristics of a module can be uniform and stable, artifacts can be hung on the linear gear coupling, immersed in the solvent, the operation of surface treatment can be carried out smoothly.

using linear module high positioning accuracy and the characteristics of high speed stability, and can match tool machine to perform the job of the up-down material take put institutions.

linear module belongs to the precision parts, so when use requires a fairly cautious, even if is the use of the high performance linear module, if use undeserved, also cannot achieve the expected performance effect, and easy to make linear module is damaged.

but brings us convenient at the same time, a linear module are also facing a big problem, is the large-scale miniaturization of precision is difficult to control, linear module while many countries we do, but high installation equipment, testing equipment is a big problem, we hope to get rid of.

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