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Linear slide load regulating _xyz triaxial manipulator _ manipulator linear slider brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
The last information we tells the story of a linear module screw installation, can effectively improve the rigidity of lead screw is linear module screw double push installation. In an actual assembly is very to use, in the process of the load of the larger production environment, with this way of assembly is very appropriate.

the previous linear module, we also talked about the way of screw to install more than one, today we talk about another, can reduce the precision and rigid during the installation process influenced by unnecessary, resulting in a decline in the numerical degree of the precision and rigid of a way to install. Why to say during the installation process will reduce the precision of screw, rigid? Not the screw itself? Although is one of the characteristics of the screw itself actually, but want to linear module to reflect completely, that is about to test our screw installation process!

small make up today to speak with all of the linear module screw mounting type is supporting installation, continue to believe that everyone has heard the name magical to guess what kind of installation way! ! ! ! Screw installation way is to put the screw location holds up, a fixed ends under radial force at the same time, the fixed end another bear axial force.

installation way is the biggest advantage can effectively reduce the weight of screw rod impact accuracy and reduced rigidity, the installation is also one of the most used, maximize screw linear gear coupling can make precision, rigidity, the use of the best effect.
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