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Linear slide manual which good _ _ rectangular triaxial manipulator triaxial linear slide mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Q: speed and high precision linear module that important?

a: & other; Speed & throughout; With & other; High precision & throughout; In a sense is actually a antonyms, & other; Speed & throughout; On behalf of efficiency, rapid and rough, and the & other; High precision & throughout; On behalf of the earnest, carefully and slow. Many times we will struggle, we both want to call others do hurry up, and he wants them to do good seriously. Is actually very contradictory, you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk believe everyone understand it!

a person cannot make & other; Speed & throughout; And & other High precision & throughout; All ready at the same time, the same product is the same reason. Want to pursue & other; Speed & throughout; So must give up one option is & other; High precision & throughout; And want to pursue & other; High precision & throughout; Then also must give up & other; Speed & throughout; 。

is a linear module with speed and high precision products, only corresponding to it are two completely different style, speed linear gear coupling belt type, high precision screw type represents the linear module. Today saw a very interesting question speed and high precision linear gear coupling that important? This is actually a true-false! ! ! !

speed and high precision linear module that important? There is no a accurate answer, completely in practice is to depend on customer's production environment. If you are a clothing, packaging production so big but fine degree of product requirements is not high, the speed is more important. If you are of high degree of refinement but like car, medical building materials product limited company, then no doubt the high precision of this enterprise is more important. So what's important, still depends on the enterprise itself.
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