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Linear slide mute _xyz triaxial manipulator company _ cross line application

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Same linear module manufacturers by the end of the year is very busy, in addition to fast delivery to customers, also in constant linear module of parts inventory goods and storage, can at the time of a year don't need too much preparation, directly to can on time after the start, do not affect plant overall enterprise run!

in fact, whether in the holidays or late delivery time is very important, today small make up you and we talk about the influence factors of linear module, the goods time!

1, accessories

combined accessories to any mechanical products is set up, which might affect the linear gear coupling is one of the factors of spare parts delivery. If parts material is not enough, then will seriously affect the whole process of assembly parts can't arrive on time, then it will delay the goods time!

2, assembly

parts have arrived and the influence factors of affect the linear module, date of delivery is the assembly of the process, if the quantity is very test of assembling the team could complete in a short time. Because the goods time requirements of large quantities of fast, but also in the test efficiency and quality of assembly process, so in this case assembly is that we need strict and reasonable to the point!

3, inventory

inventory has been the impact of linear module of the delivery date is an important factor that we all know that the linear module is a standard parts, if the customer also buy linear gear coupling according to the standard batch of choose and buy. Inventory is large enough, then the linear gear coupling of the delivery date is no problem!
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