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Linear slide rail linear motor module, equipment module brand _ _ principle of linear motion module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Linear guide is an important part of feed system, is also one of the basic structural elements of machine tool equipment. Guide plays a role of guidance and support, support in the moving parts, keep them under the action of external force can accurately along a specified direction.

the machining precision of CNC machine tools and service life to a large extent determines the quality of the machine tool guideway. Compared with the ordinary machine tool guideway, numerical control machine tool guideway demand higher: such as radial drilling machine high speed feed without vibration, a low-speed feed without crawling, high sensitivity, overloading under long-term continuous operation, high abrasion resistance and precision to keep good performance, etc. Linear rolling guide the adoption of greatly improving the productivity of machine tools. Machine tool equipment during its service life, almost no maintenance phenomenon, can run continuously.

rolling linear guide

in the design and manufacture of machine tools, should pay attention to the following problems: machine tool should have high resistance to vibration; Use of linear rolling guide rail machine susceptible to vibration; The moving parts of high speed to be hit hard in a machine; Linear rolling guide low damping, vibration resistance is poor; The cyclical impact vibration, easy to cause the machine to produce, leading to the shape of the machined surface error and ripple in the grinding machine and high precision machine tool, in particular, the impact on the closed-loop servo control system could also lead to instability of the system.

linear guide machining is to pursue the goal of a better combination of efficiency, cost and accuracy. In order to achieve this goal, an urgent need to research and develop their key technology. Machining accuracy is one of the online measuring technology. Research advanced on-line measurement technology, especially under the condition of many varieties, small batch production, has the very vital significance, because online measurement is an important part of the integration of processing and measuring technology, is one of the important measure to ensure the quality of parts, increase productivity.

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