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Linear slide rail linear motor module load module to adjust _ _ longmen brand linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
How judge and deal with the noise of the straight line module

straight line gear coupling in the normal run time will also be a squeaking sound, professional line module engineering or debugging personnel in hand or electric rotating case, to distinguish whether a module without the noise, the non-professional personnel how to distinguish between us?

we know the reason, gear coupling noises is analyzed.

  1. Straight line module on different devices ball screw preloading is different, can produce different sizes of voice. Preloading is moderate noise is relatively small, repetitive positioning accuracy is better, preloading on the low side, repetitive positioning accuracy is reduced, the noise.

the solution: locking screw or belt, before and after the drive slide, without clearance instructions preloading the low

2. Lubricating oil is different, module is also different.

solution: according to different gear coupling types, choose module manufacturer recommended lubricating oil.

  3. Linear ball guide and the slide block cooperation degree is also a question of sound, there is something wrong with the part domestic and guide rail sliding block, and the situation of the cooperation degree not appropriate, we may have some dust particles into the slider, such meetings make modules perform poorly and big noise.

solution: it is recommended that this return to supplier to repair or replace the guide rail accessories

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