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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Precision positioning technology is to support the manufacturing equipment, measurement equipment, and high density intelligence implement high precision and high speed machine, one of the basic technology is one of the judgment standard of high quality linear module. So, straight line gear coupling adopts reasonable positioning mechanism design, make its can achieve high precision. Here is to look at.

    1, high precision movement benchmark

& emsp;   High-precision movement is usually determined by mechanical movement benchmark data, in a straight line gear coupling performance is stable, its motion can by rail components to form a benchmark, when using the sensor to measure and compensate the motion error correction, linear gear coupling of the mechanical system, will become an object measurement data, so jia wing will intelligent equipment high shape accuracy as benchmark of straight line module, in order to improve its motion precision.

    2, the reasonable movement mechanism design

& emsp;   Have a high precision movement benchmark, still need to have a reasonable mechanism design, so as to perfect cooperation movement benchmark to achieve high precision. So in the production line module will consider the effect of internal forces and external forces, as well as the components of the elastic plastic deformation and friction and so on, the influence of the reasonable design movement system configuration and structure of electronic components, ensure that won't appear shape error.

    3, correct motion sensor testing system

& emsp;   Even with the correct movement benchmark and institutions, must also be able to detect the motion sensor system can ensure the movement precision of straight line module. So, linear module will exercise a displacement signal feedback to the control system, make them form a closed loop control, to determine and correct motion target positioning accuracy.

    Accuracy for a linear module is one of the crucial parameters, so the enterprise at the time of purchase to know more about linear module which process is good, because good manufacturing process can produce high quality straight line module. After this purchase back and install to make production equipment to get higher accuracy, make the production quality is more reliable.

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