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Linear slide rail linear motor module module which good _ _ longmen linear module company

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Linear gear coupling of inside and outside clean way to

external cleaning

adhere to the equipment, there are serious dirt, please use soft cloth to dab a small amount of neutral detergent or alcohol, quietly wipe. Adhere to the equipment environment tidy. Advocate clean once a week, or depending on the work environment clean frequency.

internal clean and smooth

gear coupling is the main internal nursing guide rail and the protection of the screw, because the guide rail and ball screw transmission speed and accuracy of decision gear coupling directly, is the price can replace the mechanical parts for equipment. Effective maintenance not only ensure the precision and speed, and can prolong the using life of equipment. According to different using conditions and the environment, the general situation of each run 50 km intervals or smooth added fat (once a week When using the environment is relatively bad should be appropriate to add clean and smooth number)

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