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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Masks production professionals, told me, The author is not strict reasoning, the network information, it is accord with the) , the domestic medical surgical masks filtering effect of 95% ( The United States (99%) 90%, the average surgical masks. , a town in jiangsu, melt-blown cloth industry regulation, cover a lot of filtering effect is only 30%.

mask filtering effect, the national people's all know, mainly determined by the melt-blown cloth, and cloth of melt-blown filter effect is decided by the quality of spinning mould again, especially the thousands of 0. 2毫米( There are design of 0. 25, 0. 3 mm) Equally arranged around the quality of the holes. Jet mould quality requirements, how to make, belong to the specialized niche sector, have the patience to continue to study much, if not the additional effects of the new champions league virus outbreak, even the mechanical industry, also don't know much. Jet molding processing technology with high speed precision of the spindle and the development of precision tiny cutting tool technology, the current consensus is that the high quality silk spray mold holes, prior to polishing is made out of the nc machine tools.

CNC machine tool research and development personnel to understand, high-speed spindle, small precision drill ( Cooperate with machine tool feed moving precision, decided the aperture) Has matured, the supply system of large scale supply of spinneret material, graphic processing and heat treatment technology of domestic form a complete set of mature, nc machine tools decided to hole spacing of machine tool positioning accuracy level displacement, decided the quality of the silk spray mold, thus determines the filtering effect of melt-blown fabric. Outward processing from the market of jet die hole is apart from the asked to see, a lot by not more than 0. 5 mm hole is apart from the requirement acceptance, Pitch accuracy & plusmn; 0. 025mm) , higher accuracy, is acceptance requirements & plusmn; 0. 01mm。 For acceptance requirements, is receiving standard, in fact, the higher accuracy, make product filtering effect must be the better.

China's machine tool production country, and therefore within 800 mm small jet molding equipment has the large numerical control machine tool is used to choose. Used for aluminum shell of mobile phone ownership special drilling and tapping machine market, as millions, but due to the precision of the leadscrew itself can meet the requirements of the size of the mobile phone, because of the special large shipments, drilling and tapping machine factory basic don't do laser pitch error compensation, although there are many factories declared precision & plusmn; 0. 003 mm, we test without pitch compensation ( Fierce competition for a cost saving of this poor homebred confidential) Or can only guarantee & plusmn; 0. 013 positioning accuracy, therefore, after it spindle machining holes, can guarantee & plusmn; 0. 025 mm hole spacing accuracy, although & plusmn; 0. 01 mm could reach, but unless tested, otherwise there is no reliable guarantee. Used for mould processing line rail type machining center positioning accuracy is in commonly & plusmn; 0. Less than 005 mm, reconstruction after the spindle can generally meet & plusmn; 0. 01 mm technical requirements, high precision mold processing factory production produce silk spray mold condition is better. Predictably, in April, the price rose 10 prepared by using minicomputer jet mode will quickly reduce the price.

but for the big stock of high quality silk spray mold processing of high precision equipment, a professional manufacturer of the old used more customized special equipment, 3 - production cycle 6 months belong to normal, therefore, has a production capacity of professional manufacturers, keep the processing fee high premium for longer periods of time.

silver, silver precision profile processing center in the past did not specifically for spinneret research and development, but we found that all silver, silver XVD600 - ball screw type 4500 the axis CNC precision can reach & plusmn; 0. 005 mm, capes high speed spindle, can satisfy the requirement of the spinneret hole precision

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