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Linear slide rail module _ how high precision linear _ longmen precision linear module module price

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Straight line slide guide rail, as a kind of precision CNC machine parts, is of great importance in mechanical manufacturing industry status and value. Linear slide guide the standardization of operation, to avoid excessive wear, in the process of guarantee its operation speed and operation precision and service life of long-term stability. So in the use and operation of the linear slide guide should pay attention to what issues?

    1, linear slide rail installation check. When installing electric linear slide rail, the uniformity of should be attention, to avoid deformation of the machine. At the same time, linear slide guide artifact card after, should be in low speed start the workbench, carefully check after the trip without collision, reversing, restart the instrument.

    2, the use of linear slide rail with operation. The operator in the operation of the linear slide rail, should avoid to stand on the workbench to operate or other debugging. In setting straight sliding table using the trip, should pay attention to the operation of the workbench stroke control within 1/3 of the trip, using a range of should maintain a low speed operation, in order to make sure the workbench in the return stroke of the reverse stroke limit value of less than 100 mm.

    3, stop and protect linear slide guide. Hot straight sliding table after use should be stopped in the middle of the machine tool, tool carrier side beam should be dropped to the lowest level, vertical tool rest should be at the end of the column. For linear slide guide stop condition, should be periodically on its part shall apply anti-rust oil and lubricating oil, prevent rust and wear, avoid linear slide guide in the process of running the accidental failure damage or loss.

    Above all, should pay attention to when using linear slide guide specification of installation operation, carefully check the working state, and pay attention to the equipment after the outage protection and maintenance on a regular basis. There are many different kinds of straight line slide guide rail on the market, quality is uneven. Choose to enjoy a good reputation in the industry of linear slide rail, can better guarantee the quality of the whole equipment work, life and after-sales maintenance services.

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