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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Along with the reform of industrial automation, use linear module ( Manipulator) Manufacturers more and more, the brand available in the market also is varied, the price also is laminated to come in different qualities, so different brands can replace? How to deal with? Below to listen to our heath grams of dongguan technical engineers, linear module, how to perfect implementation swap!

straight line gear coupling configuration are basically the same internal structure, lead the basic are all the same, the smallest is 05, 40 largest, main and speed on customer use environment, and guide the basic is the same, just with different brand; Secondly as coupling corresponding servo motor, as long as the customer with what brand of servo, give customers corresponding brand planetary gear motor, coupling basic no problem. Such as linear module configuration of internal structure, to the customer request of precision, speed, load, basic can achieve schedule, there is no technical difficulties.

in the straight line module ( Manipulator) Equipment, in order to realize interchange difficulty lies in the profile of the base size, pin hole position, as well as the width of the module, the width of the fixed by some customers, can't move, it is difficult to replace, general base mounting holes position, are processed, can be completely according to the customer the original hole location of the processing design, just need to provide drawings, even if is the same size position inside the workstation customers, customization production, enhance the exchange between the brand.

through the simple understanding, we can know is basic it is not difficult to swap between brands, with the existing technique is able to achieve, is only a matter of cost, this will see the advantages of each manufacturer, everyone in the practical operation model selection, have what not clear place, can contact at any time to contact, we are more professional!

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