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Linear slide rail module mute _ _ high precision linear module company gantry linear module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Linear module application in industry is very broad, many people may not have heard of linear module, this call, but if a specific when it comes to its use, may heard even to the precision of automation products. Let the linear module manufacturer & ndash; — Shenzhen sharp health small make up to make a brief introduction of the application of linear module.

  1. Production line handling operations: using linear module of the characteristics of high load and high speed operation, to perform the conveyor belt goods transport operations;

  2. Large items take put homework: linear module of high load and high positioning precision features, to replace artificial execute large goods handling operations;

  3. Tool machining take put homework: linear module of high location accuracy and the stability of the high speed characteristics, tie-in tool machine to perform the job of up-down material take put institutions;

  4. IC take put the entire operation: linear gear coupling can be precise mobile features, use two shaft connection gear coupling, slider, tie-in fixture or chuck can group set to take put institutions;

  5. IC print jobs: linear module is uniform and the isometric mobile features, to perform the laser print job;

  6. Packing lists of homework: the characteristics of linear module high positioning precision, make the motion of the whole column to use on the conveyor belt;

  7. Part of the group of state assignment: using linear module can multipoint positioning and the features of accurate, smooth implementation parts group set homework;

  8. PCB cutting operation: by using the linear module can be uniform and stable mobile features, collocation of cutter institutions to carry out the cutting operation;

  9. The spray PCB substrate words: linear module can be uniform and stable mobile features, fix the base board module of mobile to implement spray operation;

  10. Winding machine device: using high precision linear module on accurate movement and the characteristics of the constant speed operation;

  11. Surface treatment: using linear module can be uniform and stable mobile features, the workpiece to hang on the module is immersed in the solvent, surface treatment can be carried out smoothly;

  12. Paint: using linear module can be precise positioning and the characteristics of stable operation;

  13. Large LCD glass coating equipment, the design of the use of longmen link way, fix the glue guns multiple axis Z axis in the module can be used to using high-speed coating of homework

14. CCD image visual detection device: using linear module high positioning accuracy and tell the characteristics of running stability, used to perform the appearance of AOI inspection;

  15. Automatic soldering operations: using the linear module the characteristics of high precision and high stability, perform complex circuit board soldering operation of spare parts.

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