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Linear slide rail module parameter linear motor module specification _ _ linear motion module quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Linear slide unit as an essential part of the automation equipment, no matter what time, must be taken seriously, especially before purchasing, but also need to know about the choice of businesses to provide products, whether to meet your requirement. It is very crucial step, also can say this is the first step, only the first step to go well, the next road will go better. So, when choosing linear sliding table, you need to understand the following these aspects, can choose a more suitable products.

straight line slide material, structure, flexible

straight line slide in automation equipment, is to drive running and sliding and other parts are critical position, can not or lack of. Therefore, at the time of purchase, in addition to pay attention to the price, also because of the focus on material, structure, flexibility, etc. Focus on material, structure, because the linear slide unit needs some heavier load running, sliding parts, flexibility is the production needs, the need to achieve high precision.

straight line slide

straight line slide resistant heat is important.

the customer before purchasing linear slide unit, can you test the product and the work process, close to the real to know whether can withstand the use of high strength. Straight through automatic lead machine sliding, will inevitably cause friction and heat wait for a phenomenon. So the user is particularly focuses on the basic requirements such as wear-resisting and heat-resisting, can use for a long time more secure.

straight line slide after-sales service is very important to

the customer is buying the linear slide, received product, is breaking down, the need to install on the machine equipment. planetary gear motor installation is a skill, if you won't installation and debugging, need before buying, so detailed consulting business, have a professional installation and debugging with the help of debuggers. In fact, a professional manufacturer of linear gear coupling, can according to customer requirements, arrange personnel door-to-door service, in addition, the manufacturer will also arrange staff access to customer feedback, whether customers on use, have what problem, can provide after-sales service.

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