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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
In fact, from the point of the whole industry market analysis, for the production of products with high precision enterprise might be a bit less, more production enterprise is to own production and efficiency are very attention. Linear module of automation equipment, is to replace some artificial location is known to all, in the mass production enterprise in the synchronous belt linear module has a very big advantage.

itself is faster, higher cost performance of synchronous belt linear mode for enterprises of a priority. Synchronous belt linear module is different from the screw type, actually not very much. More important is its means of transmission, and in accessories can say this is the one of the key parts is different, and it is also synchronous belt linear module is an important part.

synchronous belt linear gear coupling

synchronous belt is a straight line module structure is very resilient, realize the tooth bite of a process. Each card tooth distance is very short, and the reaction is also very large. And the characteristics of synchronous belt fast linear module, which is due to. Also because of the synchronous belt drive mode, the cost will much lower relative screw type.

synchronous belt linear module meet the high-speed movement, fast reaction diffusion function, apply to all kinds of electronics, clothing, automobile and other industries, has a very good reputation in manufacturing enterprises. Because of the special material make the belt more flexible structure, and the installation process, make should have the noise may be large synchronous belt linear module, became & other; Mute & throughout; Straight line module.

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