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Linear slide rail module specification _ _ high precision linear module parameters of longmen linear module factory

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
【 Belt transmission gear coupling. Since eight years ago, automation in professional fast, thus promoting China's rapid economic leap forward, all the way up to become an international economic power. Automation in the favor from all walks of life, a lot of artificial are replaced by machines, factory production is greatly increased. Automation development, not only in the aspect of industrial production, in the aspect of people's lives have been affected, such as exercise equipment, amusement facilities, no restaurants, and so on, not changing people's lifestyle, living standards are rising.

multi-spindle electric sliding table

with the development of science, intelligent robot emerge in endlessly, no one restaurant is the best, for example. However, small make up today's said it was the automation professional brief robot: electric sliding table ( Sometimes also called linear module) Do, as long as it is automated, cannot leave the electric sliding table, electric sliding table do linear motion, so people also called linear module.

although electric sliding table is the most short in the automation of the robot, but use a lot, products are useful to the from all walks of life.

used in the production: three axis point glue machine, soldering machine, circuit board cut, laser cut boot, etc.

detection using: bar code scanning equipment, tire check equipment, growth line feeding device, CCD video visual view of full-time, etc.

transfer use: appearance with mobile devices, the whole column packing equipment, the disk stack equipment, etc.

the use of recreational life: cinema dynamic seats, office chairs, sports fitness equipment, etc.

military use: moving targets, the gun was laid.

medical use: CT examination, operation table precision instruments, etc.

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