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Linear slide rail module specification _ _ linear motor module size of longmen linear module suppliers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Linear guide manufacturers reminded dust problems

( 1) Linear motion system of special sealing gasket

in order to improve the dust capacity, in the linear guide system equipped with high wear resistance of the special synthetic rubber manufacturing sealing gasket, and ( Cascading contact scraper, etc. ) And cleaning ring and other accessories.

  ( 2) Dedicated telescopic dust cover

in the use of harsh place, some models have special soft telescopic dust cover and special dust cover. Detailed content and sealing gasket explanatory tag, please refer to the corresponding optional accessories (all kinds of products Dust) The project.

in addition, when you need to chip in to cutting and cutting fluid spillage effect when used in the environment, it is recommended to use soft circular telescopic cover to protect the system as a whole, or the use of large scale dust cover.

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