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Linear slide rail module stroke brand _ _ high precision linear module of longmen linear module is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Synchronous belt linear module belong to precision manipulator, automatic equipment is mainly depend on the movement characteristics of straight line module to get the job done. Straight line module movement need planetary gear motor, drive, intelligent control system, and other accessories such as anchor, sensors, such as the installation, a single straight line module can't move. With these accessories, linear module can be single movement, can also root module combination more exercise, meet different functional requirements. But the delivery time, synchronous belt linear module is a single independent packing, together with other accessories packaging, composite packaging, is this why?

because synchronous belt linear gear coupling belong to precision components, repetitive positioning accuracy directly decided to work effect, is equal to the phone's screen is a little bit of blowing flowers will influence the visual effect, linear module is also not a trace of scratch, scratch not only affect beautiful more affect accuracy, so all straight line module is a single independent packing, each straight line gear coupling will be checked before packing and packaging.

straight line module also very exquisite packaging, first set a layer of plastic bags, then every 300 mm with a protective foam, and then packed in cartons, either one, or one hundred, or one thousand, are packaged separately, absolutely not stack bundled packaged together. All parts are separately packaged, not with module together, more not assembly packaging again after shipment. To ensure the quality of the linear module of high precision, so the packing cost and artificial cost increase is inevitable.

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