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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Explanation for everybody today under the repositioning precision linear gear coupling, why not?

repositioning precision linear module in general is no factors of three aspects:

1. Ball screw

if installed inside of the ball screw is domestic low-priced screw, use after period of time will appear wear away, cause the screw back gap increases, when the reverse clearance increases will qualify repeat positioning accuracy is allowed to situation, if imported screw instead? We won't have this kind of situation? This is not necessarily, imported wire rod wear-resisting degree is certainly more than domestic wire rod, although the wear-resisting degree is high, but also want to do daily maintenance, when the screw grease quickly exhausted when I was to be added in time, otherwise dry grinding also exacerbate screw degree of wear and tear, like cars, completes the maintenance, this is a guarantee of accuracy stable for a long time use.

2. Servo motor

the servo planetary gear motor how also appear this problem? Now some domestic servo motor using encoder is very poor, after the problems it can also lead to the pulse number and gear coupling of walking straight position is different, generally recommend that users still use the big brand servo motor, although expensive, but you have security, is also a penny a points goods.

3. Home

when the normal debugging gear coupling, if not carefully to slide over travel, create, also can appear this problem, the chance to cause deformation of ball screw, or loose nut, also is not accuracy would happen, cannot continue to use at this moment, encounter this kind of situation, linear module shall immediately return to factory maintenance, can be normal use after repair. Must be careful when debugging again again carefully, lest cause unnecessary loss.


above is basically lead to re-read the positioning accuracy are not allowed to be three big reasons, the daily maintenance and use good quality parts and debugging appear especially important to customers, hope this can help users better understand the problem.

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