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Linear slide rail modules offer _ _ high precision linear module suppliers of longmen linear module handbook

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Current in all walks of life, involves the automatic operation of the occasion, the industry is generally observed that use linear slider is a rapidly increasing number and variety of module. Compared with mechanical hand of old before, is the value of linear sliding table module in actual use, not only performance is good, and the convenience of maintenance is quite satisfactory, also have obvious advantages. Its use has already moved beyond the industrial manufacturing equipment, even in medical apparatus and instruments even simulate aircraft arm, etc. , are increasingly popular.

at present domestic professional linear slide unit module products, has the following advantages:

1, easy to maintain, high stability, the advantages of light weight.

2, because of the high precision of equipment operation, do not need to use the cylinder components, its use in the process of noise and vibration control, have reached a very high level.

3, corrosion factors, is under the conditions of use, also have special processing.

users when choosing suitable products, to consider linear slide unit module, how to satisfy the operation requirements of the enterprise.

first, to the work environment, linear slide unit module need to bear the load is the content of the key consideration. If, for example, is expected to work under the condition of the load is bigger, you should consider the use of ball screw transmission ways. Ball screw transmission can achieve higher load, and the running noise and vibration is lower.

second, response equipment precision requirement of the reciprocating motion, accomplish know fairly well. Reciprocating many times after the operation, equipment after reset and the distance from the origin, the accuracy of the parameters reflect the equipment. Accuracy parameters directly influence the outcome of the production run, so this is when choosing linear slide unit module must consider the key. In order to increase the accuracy, can also choose to load the grating ruler magnetic grating ruler positioning electric drill speed reducer, etc. If it is need to consider the coefficient of thermal expansion factor, the magnetic grid ruler is more suitable for, and more to the dust, grease resistance stronger.

third, on the stroke of the equipment operation, should be fully considered in general, the domestic professional linear slide unit gear coupling will be more reserved than the actual travel demand a certain margin. This is for the change of working environment space, because the use situation of demand and environment may appear different in the future, choosing linear sliding module devices, to prepare for it.

the social various aspects have automated operation requirements, are focusing on the application of linear slide unit module. Master professional knowledge, and according to their own use of the specific requirements, the use of occasions in accuracy, speed, and space travel and so on various aspects to make a detailed planning. To choose reputable manufacturer according to the linear slide unit module, can use the unit to realize high speed, high precision production run. Especially demanding situations in the safe and reliable, can achieve high benefit more.

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