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Linear slide speed mute _ _ rectangular triaxial manipulator cross line application

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Linear modules are chi moving mechanical equipment is known to all, mainly for implementation & other; Unmanned & throughout; Factory to try and achieve & other; Unmanned & throughout; Factory machinery and equipment has a lot of, more representative is six axis robot. Six axis robots can do most of artificial complex and repetitive movements, and has been favored by many large factories.

although six axis robot in & other; Unmanned & throughout; Applications has a very prominent advantages, but because of the price and size, many small and medium enterprises. Because if the whole production line to adopt six axis robot, so not only need a large amount of purchase expense, also need to six axis robot is put to expand production site, for small and medium enterprises is a difficult to solve the problem.

the emergence of the linear module to solve the worries, many small and medium-sized enterprise the linear module in addition to overly complex action cannot be done and six axis robots, most of the mass and large amount of work, linear module can be accurate to complete.

the price of the linear module can be said to be one over ten of the six axis robot, of course, this can be attributed to the linear module of small size, if it is as large as six axis robot in terms of cost, although also will be cheaper than six axis robot, but also higher than the current price is relatively a lot.

because of its small size the price affordable, let it become the many small and medium-sized enterprises implement factory & other; Unmanned & throughout; The first selection of equipment. Linear gear coupling of small size not only has a certain advantage in price, in aspects of the field is advantage for small and medium enterprises save a lot of work space, save working space is also actually in for the enterprise to reduce costs!
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