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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
Q: linear gear coupling guide before installation which need to do to prepare?

a: mechanical products, machinery and equipment in the process of the entire installation, all of the steps are very strict. Whether playing a few rounds with dishcloth or screws, in enterprise production these are strictly installation requirements. If these do not will seriously affect the quality of the product, so enterprise also strict rules to the guarantee of quality.

as linear module & other; Unmanned factory & throughout; One of the important mechanical equipment, for each installation steps it is to be in strict accordance with the guidelines for installation. If the installation process problems, so no matter from the accuracy or voice, would cause certain influence to the linear module. Small make up today and you about linear module is an important part of the guide before installing what need to prepare!

the first step to do the machine level calibration, the second step is to guide linear module need to install the base surface roughness, flatness, straightness and appearance inspection, the third thing to do is to guide installation base and guide rail lateral benchmark the chamfering processing. The fourth step is linear gear coupling guide installation base level locking screw hole processing, the final step is to check whether there is guide certificate, have you bruised or corrosion, rust-proof oil to clean clean, remove burr, hit bumps and dirt on the surface of the assembly and so on.
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