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Linear slide unit using principle of _ _ rectangular triaxial manipulator cross linear slide unit parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
Linear module is a complex and concise industrial equipment products, there are a lot of accessories, like you should be familiar with is screw, guide the conventional parts! ! ! ! These parts can be said to be in linear module of the more important parts, so you will be more profound effect on them.

in addition to these important parts, there are also some can not be ignored in the linear gear coupling of the widget. The photoelectric switch is the best example, said photoelectric switch to linear module may be a lot of people doesn't make any difference to its, even for it in the linear module of function is also not too clear.

from the name, of course, is to understand the meaning of a switch, in fact, it is right to understand. Photoelectric switch the first part is mainly embodied in the servo planetary gear motor to stop working condition, the servo motor to stop working after linear module allows the movement of the reset, and the linear module mobile demand complex table use.

photoelectric switch as well as have the effect of resetting the second point is beyond the limit, can avoid moving directly touch attack brackets, to ensure that the linear gear coupling for high speed reciprocating when running in normal work is not sound.
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