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Linear slide units selection _xyz triaxial manipulator _ cross linear slider stroke adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
Linear gear coupling is now used by customers in their own machinery and factory, because of various kinds of customer requirements is different, so they will choose different features of linear module. Common feature is & other; High precision, high speed & throughout; The two, the two features in the linear module also can be said to be more representative.

“ High precision, high speed & throughout; Also represent the two different structure types of linear gear coupling, users in the process of choice is very difficult to demand to choose the two at the same time, also can only choose one of the features. Although many friends and ask why not? Small make up to say which have required to do in life speed have a careful, one could believe that it is hard to do, how much more is the mechanical products.

“ High precision, high speed & throughout; The two features are normally it in the face of customers who are not the same, & other; High precision & throughout; General is in the face of precision machinery, medical materials, coating industry customer groups, such as strict for the quality of the products of enterprises.

“ Speed & throughout; The characteristics of general customer group is facing the packaging, food, logistics, etc. These industries, the characteristics of this industry is on the cargo, for the quality of the product and not the above the level of mechanical products is so high, and linear module in this type of industry is also implement handling of material movement.

so we on linear module & other; High precision, high speed & throughout; The choice of features, first of all, we need to know what is our own industry type, know when the choose and buy again we will be able to eliminate some unnecessary trouble, also can find the most suitable production line of linear module.
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