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Linear slide with stepper motor matters needing attention

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
Linear slide unit is a kind of can provide linear motion of the mechanical structure, can be horizontal or vertical use, can also be combined into a specific motion mechanism using & ndash; — In the automation industry is often referred to as the XY axis, XYZ axis axial motion mechanism. The agency subdivided into different industries have different name, the name of the more common are: straight, linear slide, electric cylinder, electric sliding table, mechanical arm, manipulators, etc. Linear sliding table is usually used with power motor, in the slide block is installed on other requirements artifacts of conveying equipment, and motion are set up a complete set of suitable motor and reversing the process, make the workpiece can be realized automatic cycle reciprocating motion of the work. So as to achieve the aim of mass production equipment and intensive production.

now a lot of low speed situation, will you have a lot of places, match with step motor are in linear sliding table is in use, but there are a few points on the need to pay attention to in the stepper motor to use some of the things it is possible you don't know, I adjusted, can help you more understanding.

1. Stepper planetary gear motor torque and the relationship between the linear slide unit load

why said torque and speed? Because this is the final conversion of about linear slide thrust, there is a big correlation, we all know stepper motor torque is very big, but its torque is not constant torque mode, but with the use of rotational speed is higher, the smaller torque, for example: shenzhen Zhenyu57 stepper motor, the maximum moment. 2. 2 n, when used to 300 RPM, torque can achieve almost 2 nm, and by using 600 RPM, torque can reach 1. 2 n ( Specific you can view the stepper parameters table) The higher the speed, the use of torque is smaller, this is true in real time, so everyone in the use of linear sliding table, as far as possible let the motor speed control of lower, so as to guarantee the stable use, and after the speed increase, can carry the load so will follow. So you must also pay attention to this problem.

2. Stepper planetary gear motor temperature rise effect of

a lot of friends in the process of linear sliding table USES will be found that the temperature of the stepper motor is high, while the temperature of the stepper motor to bear ability is also bigger than servo, but there is a related problem is that when the temperature has been under a state of overheating and step into the internal magnetic decreases gradually along with the rise of temperature, this will lead to the stepper motor torque smaller, finally appear when using plugging turn or turn burning motor, when the problems need to be used deduction to determine, the first thing to check whether there is linear slide caton phenomenon, after excluding the problem, the rest is stepping planetary gear motor debugging problems, whether the segment is too small, to the current too big, all these problems need to check one by one, any of the details are likely to lead to the motor temperature rise.
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