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Linear slide _xyz precision triaxial manipulator speed _ manipulator linear sliding table manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
Small make up often and talk about a lot of questions about linear module pre-sale, small make up today want to and you talk about linear gear coupling in use process, there is a problem of some solution! Believe every mechanical products, will inevitably be in use for a long time have some normal mechanical wear of the phenomenon, some of these problems, in production is small and small matter, say event is also big.

why do you say that? If it is the time to dare the goods time mechanical equipment malfunctioned, affect the production progress, slow down the delivery date. So have to pay unnecessary penalty due to breach of contract, and if in the goods time not so tight, there is enough time to repair and maintenance, so is the work of a small matter.

today small make up and you tell me the linear gear coupling in use process of the abnormal heat problem how to solve the problem, a linear module in use process will generally have a fever, compare the doing high-speed reciprocating linear motion, the friction produces in the process of heat energy.

if the abnormal heat, such as the droplets immediately on gasification, also out with a jitter problem, then we will pay attention. Because in such use, linear module internal may be because of fever, and damage to the screw and guide rail, which led to a decline in service life.

general linear module of abnormal heat problem, and accompanied by abnormal jitter, after we have a variety of market reaction test and research, the engineers generally appear at the top of the mesa pole planetary gear motor, the phenomenon is caused by sliding block root cause. So the solution to this problem, is to check the slider parts or directly change the slider.
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