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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
What need to prepare before linear modules installed?

a lot of people choose to buy a product in our lives, we always focus on is the only product, produced for how it actually we will not pursue too much, as long as the product use without any problems! Actually is not the case, to understand some of the production process, may be more let us learn the value of the product, thus the use of more secure.

linear module as the hot products in machinery manufacture industry, now we know it is a substitute for human to realize full automation products, for the other aspects of the knowledge did not know so much, so to speak. Now that want to choose the product, the use of the product, production of the product, so for the module of some production simple linear or it is necessary to understand the knowledge.

according to Zhenyu has been understanding of gear coupling equipment circles to ask questions, on the production side actually module which need to do to prepare before installation, has been a lot of knowledge in people blind spots. Knowledge about it, whether it is friend of linear module production enterprise, or for clients to buy linear module assembly can be simple to understand. Learned in linear modules which need to do to prepare before installation, don't let us work arrangement will hurry-scurry.

you need to do to set up linear module before installation has the following four points:

1, the linear module, data preparation: including general assembly drawing, parts assembly drawings, non-standard custom part drawing, bom, etc. , thus to end, must ensure that the integrity of the drawings, clean and tidy, the integrity of the process information records.

2, site preparation: component placement, linear module part assembly must be conducted within the prescribed work sites, product placement in the neat site must plan clear, until the end of the whole order task, must ensure that all work sites and neatly, standard and orderly.

3, material preparation: before operation, according to the regulations of the linear module assembly process of assembly materials must be in place on time, if there are some crucial materials not in place in time, you can change the sequence of events, according to actual condition and related staff to follow up and urged the lack of material back to the factory work.

4, skills preparation: before assembly, homework personnel to understand the mechanical structure of the product and the related key points of assembly, be familiar with to technical requirements and process.

that's small make up today and share knowledge of linear module, hope can help to you!
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