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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
The previous period in small make up to you about the linear gear coupling type screw position introduction, also share with you the importance of a product positioning. From the previous period, we should positioning of screw type linear module had certain understanding, and corresponding to the users according to their own environment to choose linear module type screw! ! ! !

today we still speak the same we mentioned in the previous period of four different models of the second, for this kind of positioning is what believe that many users are also very looking forward to! Because the second design is more extensive, in actual use in the ratio of it is also very prominent.

the second kind of style is the familiar linear module synchronous belt type design, this design is the main difference is also comes from its structure. Type screw and linear gear coupling of different type is that it USES is not the screw driver, instead more softness and toughness of the synchronous belt as the transmission components, synchronous belt planetary gear motor through shaft coupling, and electricity then complete the reciprocating movement of the operation.

understand the linear module type synchronous belt drive and structure principle, and it is characterized by fast speed, mute effect is good, the price is affordable. Help enterprises to finish loading, registration, laminating, etc. Some action. With the same characteristics of screw type as it is also a linear positioning module type synchronous belt.

linear positioning gear coupling type synchronous belt is faced with some large output of industry, light industry, environmental requirements of the industry. And these industries because of its production and the characteristics of environmental requirements, so for good speed and mute effect is just to meet their needs. Affordable is also linear module of the synchronous belt type a location advantage, for small and medium enterprises in effective investment planning is one of the most economic.
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