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Linear sliding table manufacturer _ rectangular triaxial manipulator use _ triaxial linear slider control

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-22
“ Efficiency & throughout; Is a lot of enterprises after a bit, & other Efficiency & throughout; The faster a lot of the time means benefit will be greater. A lot of light industry enterprises for & other; Efficiency & throughout; The value of most of the time is in the first place, for this type of enterprise & other; Efficiency & throughout; Relative is the daily production output.

the higher the daily production output so to the requirement of speed will be higher, if the speed is less then will affect the product delivery time, it will also affect the enterprise of a reputation problem. And the faster the same & other; Efficiency & throughout; Would be faster, for & other; Efficiency & throughout; Fast demanding enterprise also is in demand.

straight line slide as many light industrial enterprises in the production line automatic production machinery and equipment, and according to the characteristics of this kind of enterprise specially for its introduced a linear slide speed. Linear slide speed USES is the structure of the synchronous belt transmission mode, and the internal structure of the acceleration of special design, and combined with fast planetary gear motor speed power collocation, make straight line slide achieve faster than ordinary linear sliding table high-speed reciprocating linear motion.

straight line slide speed while partial fast, then also have a relatively obvious weaknesses, so precision is not high. In fact this is also the result of the use of leverage, if you want to save Labour cost inevitably distance, and if you want to save the distance must be arduous. Linear slide speed for accuracy is not high in the clothing, packaging, printing, some of the industry is very suitable for, is mainly used in handling, grab, and the accuracy of some of the few movements.
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