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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Ball screw manufacturers how to avoid appearing after ball screw heat treatment deformation

yield, workpiece bending deformation, severe after carburizing and quenching correction difficulty, also presents the large deformation in machining after heat treatment, cause a lot of product repair and many artifacts invalid.

in order to ensure that both the performance of the ball screw organization, and facilitate users to secondary processing, generally only quenching heat treatment was carried out on the screw thread part, other parts of the screw can still be mechanical processing.

ball screw work often subject to bending, torsion, fatigue, impact, friction effect in sliding and rotating parts together. The damage of the ball screw way mainly wear and fatigue.

because trapezoidal screw friction resistance is big, low transmission power, in the high precision machine tools, especially in CNC machine tools, rolling screw drive instead of trapezoidal screw drive is often used.

because rolling screw looks more and more strong, good brightness and appearance, in addition, the rolling technology can be used to handle long bar, and then can be cut into any length.

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